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EDGE Group’s Milrem Robotics blends ground and aerial warfare in new UGV reveal

The EDGE Group’s esteemed company, Milrem Robotics, has again set the bar high in the realm of defense technology. Recognized as Europe’s leading developer of robotics and autonomous systems, Milrem Robotics was the talk of the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI 2023). Their latest reveal? The THeMIS Combat unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) equipped with HALCON HUNTER 2-S swarming loitering munition.

HALCON, revered for its mastery in designing and producing guided weapons systems, showcased its cutting-edge regional prowess in the defense arena. The joint venture between HALCON and Milrem Robotics, culminating in the THeMIS Combat, was a highlight at DSEI 2023, a globally recognized defense and security exhibition. Both firms highlighted their technological collaboration as a synthesis of EDGE’s top-tier weaponry and autonomous systems. This joint effort exemplifies the Group’s dedication to establishing robust synergies and strategic affiliations.

Emphasizing the operational benefits of the THeMIS Combat, Milrem Robotics pointed out that military units can now strategically deploy the UGV, paired with Hunter 2-S drones, closer to enemy lines. This positions them for quicker engagement with immediate threats and offers a deeper reach to identify potential targets. Such robotic advancements are noted to supersede traditional manned operations in terms of speed and efficiency.

THeMIS UGV, already an integral part of robotics initiatives across 16 nations, comes with the unique MIFIK – Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit. This feature provides an array of advanced capabilities, including self-navigation, adept obstacle detection, and evasive maneuvers. Adding to the arsenal is the HUNTER 2-S drone. A beacon of modern artificial intelligence, this autonomous drone can execute highly coordinated swarm missions. It is engineered to follow a set flight trajectory, sync with fellow drones, and loiter effectively to detect and categorize targets, awaiting a human’s final engagement command. With its impressive specifications, including a 2kg payload, 500m cruising altitude, 90km/h speed, and 45-minute endurance, it truly dominates the aerial combat domain.

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