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Groundbreaking Engineering Skills Model (ESM) to Transform Software Engineering Talent Management

LONDON, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Codility, the leading technical hiring platform, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Engineering Skills Model (ESM). The ESM, now integrated into our products and focused on skill-level assessment, revolutionizes how engineering leaders assess and nurture skills within their teams.

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“Almost 30 million software engineers are active worldwide, and this number is set to rise,” said Natalia Panowicz, Codility’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Until today, companies hiring engineers have faced the challenge of defining engineering skills and how to assess those skills. The ESM is a first-of-its-kind framework that brings a holistic perspective on modern software engineering skills. Underpinning our products, the ESM brings scientific rigor to engineering skills assessments, empowering leaders to make more informed hiring, upskilling, reskilling, and workforce planning decisions. Our ESM also opens doors for personalized learning paths for engineers seeking career mobility.”

Codility’s ESM bridges the gap between skills and success, employing research-backed methodologies to identify the essential skills for contemporary software engineering roles.

What is the Codility ESM?

Codility’s ESM assesses work-related skills in software engineering, developed through research led by Codility’s industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists. The ESM comprises four skill categories: technical skills, problem-solving skills, intrapersonal skills, and collaboration skills.

Why is the ESM Needed Now?

Codility’s ESM addresses two key industry trends:

  1. Skill Diversification: Modern software engineering roles require a broader skillset. The ESM aligns with this trend, providing a comprehensive perspective on contemporary engineering skills.
  2. Rise in Skill-Based Talent Practices: Focusing on skills is crucial for evaluating engineers’ suitability for roles and addressing skill gaps. “Skill adjacencies” facilitate career progression and make it easier to reskill or upskill employees.

Key Benefits of Codility’s ESM

Codility’s ESM offers advantages to organizations seeking to optimize their technical talent management:

Enhanced Assessment Signal Quality: Identify the best candidates by understanding and assessing job-related skills.
Personalized Learning Paths: Develop tailored learning journeys based on individual skill strengths and growth opportunities.
Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion: Eliminate bias and assumptions about background and training, widening candidate pools for more equitable hiring.
Future-Proofing Teams: ESM adapts to today’s and tomorrow’s tech roles, ensuring flexibility over time and aiding strategic workforce planning.

Codility empowers organizations with tools to build strong, diverse, and skilled engineering teams. Join us in shaping the future of tech talent management with Codility’s Engineering Skills Model. Download the report here.

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About Codility

Codility is the leading technical hiring platform for teams to test developers’ coding skills and make evidence-based hiring decisions. Codility predicts the real-life skills of candidates at all stages of the hiring process and, for more than a decade, has evaluated the problem-solving skills of over 13 million developers and has helped thousands of companies build high-performing, diverse engineering teams. For more information about Codility’s AI-resistant library of tasks or approach to skills-based hiring practices, please visit www.codility.com.

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