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HDC 2024 Global Eco Summit: Cultural Elements in Tourism Driving Global Success

DONGGUAN, China, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei shared during Global Eco Summit as part of the annual Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2024, on the importance of Chinese tourists’ favouring cultural elements in domestic and overseas travel – the central theme of discussion.

Huawei Developper Conference 2024 - Global Eco Summit Panel Discussion

China’s Cultural Tourism Market: Unlocking Great Potential

Quest Mobile research revealed significant trends in user engagement and online advertising in China, including strong market interest in beauty, luxury goods, general e-commerce, and automobiles; and a rapidly growing cultural and tourism market, with content platforms becoming vital in shaping consumer trends.

The World Tourism Barometer Q1 2024 notes China’s expected return to 80% by the end of 2024, surpassing 2019 levels by the end of 2025. Chinese international tourism has shifted towards diversified, immersive travel destinations, with Gen Z and millionaires seeking unique experiences to share online. Language translators, QR code payments, accurate navigation, and automatic recommendations, will be pivotal in attracting Chinese travellers, presenting the opportunity for brands to leverage mobile ads.

Quest Mobile’s research indicates strong recovery of outbound tourism in China, with increasing user discussions and a year-on-year growth in monthly active users for outbound travel-related apps. Its younger demographic is influenced by visa-free policies and exchange rates.

Local entertainment and tourism are booming – with key mobile internet sub-sectors, flight information, travel tools, train services, and hotel services seeing significant YoY growth. Movie and performances grew by 50.7%, flight information by 37.1%, travel tools by 35.4%, train services by 28.8%, and hotel services by 20.7%.

Additionally, Chinese travellers are focusing on cultural elements. Domestically, county-level cities are attracting young users through music festivals and cultural tourism IPs. Cultural and tourism bureaus are collaborating with content platforms and brands to promote local culture and tourism.

With over 580 million global MAUs of Huawei devices globally, Petal Ads is uniquely positioned to connect brands with the Chinese audience, particularly in the luxury and travel sectors. Their latest offering, the Petal Business Index (PBI), empowers brands to understand consumer considerations of brands within the Huawei Ecosystem. It serves as a barometer of brand marketing momentum. Leveraging the PBI helps brands reach Chinese audiences through Petal Ads, by providing precise insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.

Reaching Premium Chinese Tourists: Tailored Strategies

Huawei last Friday hosted a workshop for Barcelona Tourism stakeholders in Beijing, China, discussing strategies for attracting premium Chinese tourists to Barcelona. This included de-seasonalising tourism in Barcelona by increasing visitors during peak periods (Lunar New Year, Golden Week), decentralising tourism by extending average length of stay and offering high-quality experiences in lesser-known tourist spots, and raising average spend by offering more attractive local products including Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury retail spots, and wineries.

About Petal Ads   

Petal Ads, Huawei’s mobile ad platform, connects publishers, advertisers, and marketers globally. Boasting over 360,000 publishers and a wide industry range with more than 200 sectors, it enables agencies and businesses to reach over 730 million new customers worldwide. https://ads.huawei.com/

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