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New Dazz Unified Remediation Platform Gives CISOs One Remediation Solution for Everything Developed and Run in Code, Clouds, Applications, and Infrastructure

Global security and trust leaders from multiple industries weigh in on the criticality of quickly identifying risks, addressing issues, and learning from past incidents to improve resilience.

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2023 / Dazz, the leader in security remediation, today announced the new Dazz Unified Remediation Platform, an industry-first solution that gives CISOs holistic visibility across all their environments and detection tools for faster response to security issues. Unlike remediation features offered in standalone detection tools, Dazz gives cybersecurity teams the ability to remediate any security risk by integrating their best-of-breed security tools.

Security teams are facing unprecedented pressure to detect issues faster than ever before and show evidence that they are fixing them. Recent research has found that attacks, especially those carried out on cloud applications, now happen in hours, instead of weeks. To keep up, companies have invested in numerous detection tools to cover the growing attack surface of open source applications, libraries, and myriad cloud services.

According to Mike Towers, Principal & Founder of Digital Trust Group LLC, and former Chief Digital Trust Officer and CISO at multiple global biopharmaceutical companies, “Security teams are drowning from thousands of alerts coming from across their environment, often consisting of multiple cloud security, workload protection and application development security solutions. Dazz is the only company that unifies context to prioritize and fix issues, which is why my team and I became a customer almost two years ago. It’s a game changer for organizations that don’t want to be locked into a single vendor and need a way to reduce exposure as fast as possible.”

In addition, there is significant scrutiny coming from regulators on organizations to quickly disclose and fix security issues; recent SEC case against Solarwinds has accelerated issue disclosure and the need for a better way to fix security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

“Following the SEC’s cybersecurity rule this year, it’s critical for CISOs to have one simple process for improving and standardizing disclosures related to cybersecurity incidents,” said Marene Allison, Board Advisor and CEO of MAC Cyber Consulting. “Dazz gives security leaders one place for their teams to analyze and action all of their issues, learn from them to improve resilience, and report on remediation progress.”

In the last few months, some security vendors have announced “code to cloud remediation,” yet their approach falls short of what customers need to meaningfully remediate security issues. The Dazz Unified Remediation Platform aggregates data from a plethora of detection technologies, correlates and prioritizes related issues, traces back to root causes, and delivers a contextual remediation plan to measurably reduce exposure.

“Dazz gave us visibility into issues we didn’t know existed in a unified dashboard that allowed us to immediately focus on the most critical ones for our business,” said Fred Hamilton, BHG Financial CISO. “We were able to slash the time it took to remediate issues, plus improve collaboration with our dev team by identifying the author engineer and giving them context into root causes and fixes.”

The Dazz Unified Remediation Platform analyzes context from multiple environments, detection tools, and technologies including:

  • IaaS providers
  • CI/CD and source code management platforms
  • Cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPP)
  • AppSec solutions
  • Vulnerability assessment solutions
  • API security solutions
  • Data security solutions

Dazz’s rich API catalog is platform agnostic and allows organizations to seamlessly integrate best-of-breed detection tools rather than compromise on coverage with one or two vendors.

The platform features several patent-pending technologies that trace any security finding to resources up and downstream, including resources that originate security issues, and those that are impacted by them.

Armed with automated root cause analysis, security and development teams then leverage Dazz assistive and automatic remediation actions to reduce mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR), and track remediation against company-defined SLAs. According to a recent research paper by IDC, Dazz customers reduce the time to remediate by as much as 90 percent.

“Dazz recognized from the outset years ago that remediation was broken,” said Dazz CEO and Co-founder, Merav Bahat. “Today’s fragmented remediation solutions call for a unified platform, not isolated features. It’s exciting to see the market validating the problem we identified at our company’s inception, as our goal remains steadfast: streamlining remediation into one simple process that transcends vendors and enabling our customers to swiftly fix issues across code, cloud, applications, and infrastructure. Organizations today should have the freedom to choose best of breed detection tools like Snyk, Tenable, Rapid7, Qualys, Wiz, Orca, Palo Alto, Checkmarx, Crowdstrike, AWS Security Hub, and Microsoft and be confident that their remediation solution covers everything that they develop and run in code, clouds, applications, and infrastructure.”

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