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Puyi Fund, A Subsidiary of Puyi Group (NASDAQ: PUYI), Leverages Its Excellent Resource Integration Capabilities to Create a Diversified Product Shelf System

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As of October 25, 2023, the third-quarter report of mutual fund in mainland China has been disclosed. According to Wind data, over the past three years, the scale of the mutual fund market has maintained a steady increase, and currently reaching 27 trillion yuan. In the fluctuating market conditions, the overall scale of equity funds is relatively stable, and the index fund has become an important configuration tool for funds, with the scale growing against the trend. As an important component of the direct financing system, the fund industry has played an important role in asset pricing, market stabilization, the advancement of capital market reform, and the development of the real economy. The wealth allocation structure of Chinese residents is undergoing profound changes.

Puyi Fund is an independent third-party fund sales organization under Puyi Group (NASDAQ: PUYI), with a fund sales business license issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Committed to the principle of buyer’s advisory, Puyi Fund is committed to providing a comprehensive range of family financial asset allocation services for individual investors and a financial technology service platform that provides diversified financial services for institutional investors. With excellent market-wide resource integration capabilities, professional investment research capabilities, and a product evaluation system, Puyi Fund selects high-quality products and partners across the market and builds a full-category, open-ended product shelf system to meet personalized asset allocation needs under various scenarios.

For the family investment and financial life scenarios, Puyi Fund provides individual investors with full-lifecycle service companionship, including multi-account management, financial product transaction, fund portfolio strategy, financial information, investor rights and interests protection, and so on. Puyi is customer-centric, emphasizing the customer’s experience throughout the investment process, insisting on accompanying customers in the long term, and helping more investors achieve sustainable long-term returns. As of December 31, 2022, Puyi Fund’s cumulative asset allocation service scale exceeds 62 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 150.56% from 2015 to 2022.

Puyi Fund provides institutional investors with comprehensive solutions, including public and private equity fund research support, allocation recommendations, intelligent online transactions, etc. It also provides corporate clients with comprehensive financial services, such as capital liquidity management, employee finance, and shareholder investment. Simultaneously, “Puyi Institutional Pass”, the intelligent OTC fund trading system for institutional investors, aims to provide institutional investors with personalized trading functions, diverse product portfolios, and systematic investment and research systems, delivering a more professional, efficient, and intelligent trading experience. As of September 30, 2023, the platform has a total of 120+ cooperative institutional clients, covering industries such as banks, insurance, trusts, securities dealers, futures, private equity, and enterprises.

In terms of mutual funds, Puyi Fund has access to 111 mutual fund companies in the whole market, with 100% access by the top 20 fund companies, 84% access by the top 50 fund companies, 81% of mutual fund managers with assets under management of 100 billion, and access to nearly 8,300 mutual fund products and more than 20 customized investment adviser strategies. It caters to the various investment needs of individual and institutional investors through money market funds, bond funds, index funds, and other categories.

In terms of private equity funds, Puyi Fund has meticulously selected over 30 fund managers in the entire market, of which 38% are managers overseeing assets exceeding 10 billion yuan and above, and 29% are managers with 5 billion-10 billion. Specifically, there are 43 private equity products and 9 customized products, covering a wide range of mainstream investment strategies in the market. Considering various dimensions such as investment threshold, liquidity period, manager’s management scale, and other dimensions to meet the allocation requirements of different categories of investors.

Furthermore, investor rights and interest protection are important foundations for the stability and healthy development of financial markets. Since its establishment in 2010, Puyi Fund has always placed the protection of investors’ rights and interests at the top of its agenda. Through strict screening systems, sales supervision, compliance reviews, risk alerts, and complaint handling, Puyi Fund ensures a safe and equitable investment environment for investors. As an independent third-party sales organization, Puyi Fund inherently possesses neutrality and impartiality, without any conflicts of interest with investors. Puyi Fund is able to better protect the rights and interests of investors.

In the future, Puyi Fund will continue to uphold the concept of buy-side advisory, take advantage of the independent third-party sales organization, and provide investors with more comprehensive and professional asset allocation services. Meanwhile, Puyi Fund will actively engage in advancing and developing efforts to protect investor rights within the entire financial industry.

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