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Renew Rebuild Revive: Shared Future–Sabah AlSalem University City of Kuwait University

BEIJING, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A Report From GLOBAL TIMES ONLINE:

How can universities contribute to a city’s development by educating its youth?

Today, let’s step into the Sabah AlSalem University City of Kuwait University covering an extensive 6 million square meters, with Project Manager Lashine as our guide.

The University Administration Building, constructed by CSCEC, covers a single structure area exceeding 120,000 square meters and serves as a landmark within Sabah AlSalem University City of Kuwait University.

As you enter the university city, the Arabic “bird” pattern adorns the façade, with sunlight streaming through the double-layered ornate aluminum plates. This architectural dialogue provides a glimpse into the cultural heritage amid the play of light and shadow.

High-tech meeting rooms and studios provide a convenient and comfortable communication environment for the university city, which becomes a vibrant and creative gathering place. Meeting rooms and banquet halls of various sizes are fully equipped, offering an ideal learning space for students.

From the complexities of blueprints to the completed design, the process exemplifies the profound synergy between technology and intelligence. CSCEC gathered the exquisite craftsmanship of 20 artisans from 8 countries, combining various technologies like 3D modeling and CAD to complete the vast arched dome of the 12,000-square-meter grand hall. The entire project incorporates a staggering 540,000 square meters of ornate aluminum plates.

The university city’s educational facilities can accommodate 40,000 students. As a vital project within the 2035 Vision, the project has focused heavily on people’s usage requirements. The aesthetics of human culture lead to an appreciation of social aesthetics. Smart construction meets diverse research and teaching needs, while international and modern facility setups offer students a broad perspective.

Education here is not only about passing on knowledge but also about its continuous evolution. Universities serve as the starting point for a new chapter in the lives of young people. More individuals will recognize urban needs through their studies here, and there will be more collective efforts towards the happiness of society.

As a Chinese saying goes, “Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.” People gather due to the conducive development environment of the city, creating better conditions for urban development. They share opportunities and create a future together.

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